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Party Hardy

So, here’s the thing… I love to plan parties. Do I get to do it like ever? NOPE. But I love it!

This year (for the first time since Jeff and I have been together -12 years-) I get to host the family Christmas party! Jeff’s siblings take turns each year, but I never got to do it, because we live in a small apartment. But, our complex has a community room that they redid all fancy and pretty like, which also has a kitchen in it, so I reserved that space!.

I’m the kind of planner who will not only make a list of what I’m going to cook, but detailed shopping lists, broken up by each dish and I make about a dozen different check lists (just because I forgot something on the original, so naturally I need to make another.) I have supplies in a tote and decorations stored with them.

Speaking of decorations! So how can anyone have a Christmas party with no tree? No one. So, instead of going nut and buying a tree to use for the party, I made one! Using a large tomato cage, some garland from the dollar stores and some lights…BOOM cute rustic Christmas tree! It’s super cute!


THEME! Yes, I whole-heartily LOVE a good themed party! And since this is my largest party planning thing I’ve done yet (maybe 25 people) I had to go all out dudes!

The theme you ask?



My favorite Christmas movie! Its got the holiday feels, all while keeping it real!

I have themed foods, photo stills of the movie, which I edited to fit the food it will m=be paired with. And other little surprises I have planned out to make yet this week.


My question for you all: Would you like to see what I make and how I did it?

Let me know!

Signing off.

Coffee kisses and Cyanide Wishes,





Here’s the latest! Each are made with a PLASTIC bulb, so no shattering!
All are one of a kinds 😀
-Each of the filled bulbs are $5 plus $3.50 for shipping in the US. They are filled with various vintage looking materials.
-The marbled one are the same. and X marks the spot is $12, because of the added details. First come first served!
-Hop on over to my Facebook page and send me a message on which one you want! HERE

2 Days!

In 2 days I will be taking part in my fir art show/craft fair! I wanted to share with you a few pieces that I will have there for sale. These are one of a kinds!

For the framed pieces I redid the frames. They were used beat up ones and I turned them into art 😀

Beauty in the UNordinary

I’m in the midst of a frenzy of getting everything i need done for this Sunday’s Artist Row in Rochester NY! This is my first art show/fair so naturally I’m freaking the hell out! I THINK I have enough pieces, but I’m going to make a few more. BUT! I want to share with you the larger painting I did yesterday!

This is a 24×30 inch acrylic on canvas! I added a texture medium to give it some dimension also. Now, this isn’t the BEST photo of it, but it will do for now lol.


What do you think?!

16 Days


Come see me at ARTIST ROW in Rochester NY!

Admission and parking is FREE!  

The 13th annual show will be held on September 17, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Rochester Public Market.

There will be over 100 different artists, myself included at the event! There will also be food and entertainment.

So, head on out to the flower city and support some artists!


A Little Bit of Rochester

I wanted to share with you 4 (so far) watercolors that I did, which are of places I love in Rochester NY!

First up is one of the BEST cafes in town JAVA’S I love the coffee and treats here along with the fun easy going vibe.


Next is another cafe I love to death is BOULDER. They have an amazing assortment of coffees, foods and even, yes, coffee COCKTAILS! So good here! And they have a huge collection of vintage furniture and old TV’s. Instagram worthy!


Now we have something a little different here. This is ARENA’S, a sweet eclectic 2 story flower and decor shop. Now, I love what the store has to offer and the people are pretty nice. I feel a little out of place in here when I do visit. I dress a little more on the darker/weirder side so I feel like I am being watched. BUT, they are nice there I promise!


And Last, but not least we have the famous, the amazingly awesome LITTLE THEATER! I love coming here when they do throwback movies! Its a cool old school theater and I just adore it here.

LIttle thater original

I hope you have enjoyed these little gems from here in Rochester. I plan on doing more over time. I will be making prints available of these and the others to come. I will have a handful with me in 5×7 at the ARTISTS ROW AT THE ROCHESTER PUBLIC MARKET on September 17th, 2017; along with many original pieces of work!


Sorry. So sorry.

Hey everyone It’s been WAAAAYYYY to long since I’ve posted about anything on here!

I’m going to try and get back on track here. Things have been crazy between my boys school stuff, family stuff, working on new art projects and planning a secret little trip for my boys!

I’m not sure what ya’ll (no, I’m not southern, but I say it anyways! lol) would like to see. So what do you want to see more of from me? Pics? Videos? Random babbles?

For art I AM taking custom requests/commissions now. I have been working on making shaker sleeves/pieces/bookmarks for anything, but making them for planners is a lot of fun. I will make a post about those SOON!

So, tell me what you want to read or see!

Signing Off.

Coffee Kisses and Cyanide Wishes,


Better late than never 

Hey! So remember how last month aka a couple weeks ago, when I posted that video about me bleaching my hair over coconut oil? (No? It’s up on the blog and YouTube 😉) so after I had done that I attempted to fade my darker purple root area down to a lavender/ice blue shade… Well I wasn’t having it lol So I did a bleach bath on my hair (a bleach bath is mixing your developer, bleach powder according to the packaging and then diluting it with shampoo and then applying it onto either damp hair or oil saturated hair. I did it over oiled hair) I only did that to my roots, resulting in a less amplified bleaching results, which I wanted. I didn’t want my virgin roots to go white! So I ended up with something like this:

My ends were dry, but not dead. Still had some purple in there and that’s fine with me. 


The impulsive hair person I am decided on Valentine’s Day morning that I was going to get a new do. I always admired a certain style and without a second thought, I grabbed my car keys and hit Supercuts (I’m also the type of girl who refuses to pay more than $20 for a haircut lol) with my picture references ready to go on my iPad I got in the chair and the lovely Cassarah started chopping away. 

I love my new style! And it feels so good! 

Here are some pics…I’m awkward…sorry lol

Gotta love SnapChat filters!

And that above pic is me with my sexy hubby 💏🔥

What do you think? I’m also considering doing cotton candy pink all over! Yay or nay? 

Signing off.

Coffee Kisses and Cyanide Wishes.


Music These Days

As most of us know the Grammy’s aired this past weekend and did I watch it? Nope. Did you? Why didn’t I you ask? To be honest, I don’t care all that much about today’s “popular” music or musicians. I’m not going to judge anyone based on the music they listen to, I never would do that, because music is a driving force and is meant to inspire.

I was seeing a lot about the Grammy’s on my Facebook feed that night and a little the day after. Hell, even on the morning shows and entertainment shows I would see in passing. Adel this, Beyonce that. Ok, I get it, they are “popular” and shit Beyonce is preggers with Twins! so….? Lots of women and couples have twins all over the world. I feel like a lot of these entertainers get noticed not just for their music, but for their attempt at shock value. Which lets face it, there isn’t any anymore. Marilyn Manson did this shit YEARS ago! Now Lady Gaga, yes she is out there and very creative. She is one of the more “popular” musician that is really out in the public eye. Why her? Because she is honest to who she is, she doesn’t hide anything and just like everyone else on this earth she has had her phases, but each one in passing was a piece of her (Another topic for another time, I don’t believe in “it’s a phase” thing because even though we had done something odd or different for a period of time, doesn’t make it any less of who we are. It shapes us.) Another “popular” musician I respect is Katy Perry. Love her, always have, always will. Do I listen to her music all the time? No, I think I have two of her albums, but her as a person I like.

Now the difference from MUSICIAN and ENTERTAINER is that that a musician can write, perform and sing the material THEY create. An Entertainer gets noticed for gossip, trends and lifestyle BEFORE their music. (On that note I will also eventually bring up the Kardashians… Yeah I bet you can guess how I feel about them)

I know I am probably stepping on some toes with my opinions here, oh well, I’m sorry. But I’m sure you’d have some opinions about the stuff I listen to. I have a few favorite Go-To bands and a crap ton of others that I probably couldn’t even fathom listing, because there’s just so many and I’d leave so many out.

Now this band is one of my ALL TIME favorites and I got hooked waaaaay back in the ninth grade! They are VERY different and I adore them so so so fucking much! I have had the privilege of seeing them live a couple of times and I’m dying to see them again!



This was a Show back on July 7th 2015 one of the last times I got to see the band. I waited after the show and was LUCKY enough to snag a moment with Spider One, the bands lead singer. He was so kind to take a minute to get a pic with me and to sign my CD and then to later on “like” my pic on instagram, well that was just the icing on the cake!

Anywho, we ware getting off topic but I just wanted to give you a little taste of what I like to listen to. So like I was saying, a lot of the mainstream hootannanny stuff may be fine for most, I like different stuff. Sure I might find something on the radio that’s catchy, but it doesn’t  inspire or get me going that often. It’s in one ear and right out the other. Nothing memorable.

I WISH they would finally do a music award show that’s featured on normal non cable or dish networks that praise and feature more rock, metal and alternative musicians.

I will be featuring a different band each week undo my MUSIC tab so make sure you follow me and keep an eye out, you just might find your new favorite band! 

Signing Off.

Coffee Kisses and Cyanide Wishes,


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