Hey! So remember how last month aka a couple weeks ago, when I posted that video about me bleaching my hair over coconut oil? (No? It’s up on the blog and YouTube 😉) so after I had done that I attempted to fade my darker purple root area down to a lavender/ice blue shade… Well I wasn’t having it lol So I did a bleach bath on my hair (a bleach bath is mixing your developer, bleach powder according to the packaging and then diluting it with shampoo and then applying it onto either damp hair or oil saturated hair. I did it over oiled hair) I only did that to my roots, resulting in a less amplified bleaching results, which I wanted. I didn’t want my virgin roots to go white! So I ended up with something like this:

My ends were dry, but not dead. Still had some purple in there and that’s fine with me. 


The impulsive hair person I am decided on Valentine’s Day morning that I was going to get a new do. I always admired a certain style and without a second thought, I grabbed my car keys and hit Supercuts (I’m also the type of girl who refuses to pay more than $20 for a haircut lol) with my picture references ready to go on my iPad I got in the chair and the lovely Cassarah started chopping away. 

I love my new style! And it feels so good! 

Here are some pics…I’m awkward…sorry lol

Gotta love SnapChat filters!

And that above pic is me with my sexy hubby 💏🔥

What do you think? I’m also considering doing cotton candy pink all over! Yay or nay? 

Signing off.

Coffee Kisses and Cyanide Wishes.