So last night I had a crazy but cool dream. I don’t know what I did for a living in this dream to get the opportunity to do this, but I got to go on tour with my favorite band the SICK PUPPIES! I remember planning the rout to each stop, how many breaks we could take and everything. I remember we had to make one long shot from Florida to New Hampshire! And the GPS got us lost.

I don’t normally remember my dreams, but this one was so vivid! Maybe it’s because I love them and their music so fucking much!

I’ve seen them 6 times now I believe, the most recent being on my 30th birthday. My husband Jeff got me tickets to see them over 200 miles away into PA! Each time I see them I bring them artwork too.  I’ll be posting more about them….believe me!

Such a cool dream.

Signing Off.

Coffee Kisses and Cyanide Wishes,