Today s motivation was limited but not defining. Lucky me mother nature decided to kick my butt! But here I am on the stationary bike, after completing 30 minutes on the elliptical and burning 171 calories

Normally I would match that with the bike…. AND I DID! 

My level starts on 2 on the bike and I have my earbuds in and cranked. I don’t know about you but I love heavy rock and energetic or dark and cryptic music when I work out. No rap or hip hop for this chick! I eventually work my way up to 4/5 depending on the song.

Today’s top artists to get my blood boiling are

Powerman 5000

The Distillers

Three Days Grace

I listened too a hand full of others but those three really did it for me today!

Today’s workout is not balls to the wall, but it still counts, because I’m out here doing it and sweating my ass off!

I managed to do 30 minutes on each piece and a total of 334 calories burned. Not bad considering…well, cramps.

Signing off.

Coffee Kisses & Cyanide Wishes