I am a HUGE fan of everything Fifty Shades, if your not, that’s perfectly fine too! But I LOVE it! And I can’t wait for


I have been TRYING to avoid seeing too many teasers and previews, I want to be stunned and surprised. Now, I know many other super fans waited and scouted theater sites for movie tickets as soon as they went on sale a while ago..frankly I’m surprised I didn’t do that! But, today the day before it opens I get on Fandango and look to see whats available and I was lucky to find some GREAT seats for FRIDAY night!

I’m going to drag my hubby to this one, just like I did when I actually dragged him all the way to NEW YORK CITY for the premier with the Today Show for the first film! BTW that was one of the MOST epic of epic experiences of my life! I will have to make a separate post about that later 😉

Anyways! I am so stoked and I can’t contain myself!

Tell me, are you seeing it? If so, when?


Please no negative comments, if you don’t care for any of it, then please keep it to yourself, or say so in a respectful manor ❤

Signing off.

Coffee Kisses and Cyanide Wishes,