lay the fuck

—– Lily’s Law —–
Author Danielle Torella​
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Here’s look at the first two paragraphs of LILY’S LAW!

“Hey, what the fuck?” This dick head has got to be fucking with me right? I haven’t even gotten through the outline and he is bitching like a pussy. “You wanna take it easier there?” He looks up at me from my black leather table, his eyes pleading for me to say yes even through his non-threatening tone that he thinks he has.
I shove his shoulder back down with my elbow as hard as I can, “Grow a pair and fucking suck it up. You move once more like that and I will turn this lighthouse of yours into a pink and purple spiraled penis.” I wouldn’t really do that to the guy, but oh how I wish I could on so many occasions. “So, lay the fuck back down and take it.”