How about a Friday Teaser?

“Hey, I’m Jackson, what’s your name?” This Jackson guy was tall and lanky with dull brown hair and an attempt at a beard. But I will be polite, because that’s how I am.

I take his offered hand and shake it, “Margot.”

“Can I buy you another round Margot?” He asks me with a glimpse of hope in his eye.

“I’m sorry I am taken,” I admit.

He leans in closer so I can hear him over the music, “That’s fine baby, the boyfriend doesn’t need to find out.”

I gasp and my mouth drops open, “That’s right, but you’ll need to open it a little wider to fit me in there.”

I stand up and he grabs my elbow, “Oh come on, you can’t be that innocent.”

—Want to find out what happens?

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