****Teaser Tuesday****
From About Time, coming Dec. 16th (Unedited and subject to change)

Derrek doesn’t move or try to hide his erection. His hands are on both sides of my face, holding himself up. He lowers himself down, closer to my face he is looking at my mouth and his past comments about my lip sucking rush back to the surface and how I would love to see him follow through with his threats.
I can feel a growl deep inside of him as it rolls to the surface and comes out of his gritted teeth. I don’t know what comes over me, but I push up with my hips and I feel the pressure of our wet clothes and his hardness on my clit and I moan and release my now swollen bottom lip. In a flash his mouth is on mine and he tastes like the sea at first, wet and salty, but when his tongue parts my lips it is like all of my nerve endings are like barbed wire being struck by lightning. I have my eyes shut as I let him explore my mouth, I meet his tongue with my own and when I open my eyes slightly, I meet his green eyes