Are you a fan of the PRIVATE SERIES?

Do you want to support me and my work as a writer?

Do you want to meet other readers who like my work?

How about a fun, drama FREE group, where you get to see just about EVERYTHING first before it is posted online from me?

If you answered YES to any or all the above, would you like to join my STREET TEAM over on Facebook?! Join in and meet the great Dani’s Dames?! Want to be one?

What do you have to do in a street team you ask? Well, I would post things and ask you to share them anywhere you can. The goal is to get my work and name out there. Then there will be just posts I want to share with MY GIRLS and will ask you not to share. I will also at tames mail you swag and other little goodies when I want to treat you šŸ™‚ Everything there is kept a secret, until or unless I tell you to share. For example I will share my new cover with my Dames before it goes public!

Shoot me an email! if you are interested!