So, if you have read the Private Series by me, you have read quite the handful of sex scenes. I hope you fully enjoyed them as I did writing them 😉

However. With the one I am working on now aBOUT time, it is sexy and there will be sex, but I feel as though there is more to this story than just sex. I wanted it this way. You will not be disappointed with what I am bringing to the table though, so have no fear! With technically 3 yes, count them THREE guys involved, there is obviously going to be so sexiness going down!

I am still working on the book, I am currently doing a read through of what I have so far and will be finishing it as soon as possible! I am more than half way done, but I do not have a release date set in mind yet. Bare with me! I beg of you pleeeeeease!

In the mean time, if you have not yet read the 3 book series of the Private Series (Private Message, Private Show and Private Affair, click on the Private Series tab above for links!)