So today I got to meet my writing idols! As the Atria publishing house arranged for Colleen Hoover, Jamie McGuire and Abbi Glines to go on a book tour and they got to stop in my city! So, naturally I had to go and I am so glad I did! Before attending today I had painted each of the women their own pieces with things from their books. When they told me they knew who I was and that they have seen my stuff out there I was blown away!

On their way to the B&N I had Instagram-ed a pic of my with my books I wanted signed and Colleen actually commented that she had liked my hair and it looked like the Ugly Love cover haha that made my day too!

Little interactions with the people who create an escape or entertain you just makes life a little sweeter in my point of view. They didn’t have to be kind and enjoy meeting readers/fan, but they did and they do. That is why they inspire so many other people. It was reading Slammed and Point of Retreat by Colleen that inspired me to start writing myself.

I am so grateful to have met them and I hope it wasn’t the last.

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